April 2022 Chilean Pine in the Walled Garden, photographed by Steve Horner.

The woodland areas are dominated by two species, sycamore and beech, which we imagine were introduced along with common lime by the Campbells of Inverneill in the 1770s, as they are recorded to have done in Taynish NNR. There are some very fine old specimens of both sycamore and beech, and further up the farm track several ancient limes. However, there are few native species, and no mature oak at all. We intend to restore the woodland to that native to Argyll, and so will be thinning the existing trees and replanting with native species such as rowan, hazel and oak.

The following is a list of the trees that we have identified:

Common beech, silver birch, sycamore, horse chestnut, sweet chestnut, common lime, holly, rowan, ash, Chilean pine (monkey puzzle), Sitka spruce, common silver fir, Japanese red cedar, common alder, hazel and wych elm.