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Woodland Garden

The Coach House

The Ice House

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April Garden

Ponticum, and invasive species is prevalent at Inverneill House.  One objective is to confront this menace and attempt to eradicate it from the property.

Skunk Cabbage and Celandines

Garden May-June 2019

August Garden

September Garden

Fall Garden

January 2020

February 2020 Garden
March 2020 Garden
Cutting and burning ponticum continues.
Trees and the Walled Garden: Ancient Beech and Pear Joined by Plantings of New Fruit Trees
Panoramic View of Walled Garden August 2020
August 2020
October 2020. Behind the ice house we discovered and excavated a spring fed well. It was completely buried in silt. We imagine it must have been used by the gardener and his family who lived in the turret. His son Robert and his spouse Isobell Lamont are buried in the old graveyard up the burn. A picture of the grave completes the collection of images. The date on the stone is 1799.

In January 2021 we began to repair the turret roofs, restore some of the paths in the walled garden and renovate the outshot. It has been a long, hard slog!

April 2021
Repairs to Turret Roofs, Restoration of Old Gravel Paths and New Old Greenhouse, Thanks to Chris at Olbia

July 2021

It has been an extraordinarily warm and dry month. The pond has completely dried out, so with the much appreciated help of Richard Drake at Brenfield Farm, we have been able to scrape out the bottom and reform the bridge.

The new improved pond and bridge.

Another benefit of the extended dry spell has been that the line of the serpentine paths that used to be in the walled garden can now be seen. In the background, the roof the South Turret has now been slated, while that of the North Turret awaits its outer covering. Thanks to Colin Meikle and his team for forming the conical roofs and Colin Gilmore for doing the lead work and slating. Yours truly has meanwhile been patiently re-pointing the coping stones of the wall with a traditional lime mortar mix.

It has been a good year for produce. Here is a photograph capturing some of the Inverneill House products for this summer.

Inverneill House Summer Produce 2021